Patients are in your hand. Now their images are too.

Access any image in any PACS without waiting - anywhere. Ultimate freedom.

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Best-in-class mobile technology. For your benefit.

A disruptive technology that will improve your mobile and clinical life a lot.

no limits

BoundlessHandles the largest images

The size of an image does not play a role. View all sorts of PACS images - even the largest.

High quality

High QualityNot a single pixel is changed

View the PACS images on a mobile device without any artifacts - full quality without any compromise.

Unrivaled speed

Unrivaled SpeedNo need to wait for anything

View PACS images spontanously without preparations. No annoying progess bars.

All networks

EverywhereLocation or network don‘t matter

Work wherever you want to. This is the essence of being a mobile physician.


Innovative DesignUnique technology for mobile use

Two knobs and gestures control the app. No need to balance the mobile device on one hand.

mobile companion

Clinical CompanionProcess clinical data

The app offers all required tools and clinical data to be one step ahead.

Industry standards

Standard compliantComplies with DICOM standard

For retrieval of the necessary PACS data, we use existing standards. No additional setups required.


SecureEncrypted and protected

Encryption of data and limiting data transfers to a minimum are two of the security essentials.


IntegratedFits the existing infrastructure

Simple appliance. Connect to LDAP/AD for authentication. No additional licences required.

iPhone Look & Feel

You must feel it. Some impressions.

Explore the Features

The story is in the details

Clinical as well as IT aspects are imprtant for mobile apps in a hospital. This is a small list of features that offers in combination with your existing PACS installation.

  • WL/WW, brightness, contrast
  • Comparison of 4 series
  • Browse patients/studies/series
  • Manage favorites
  • Download images (cleared by IT)
  • Open standards (DICOM, JPEG2000)
  • Native app, multi-threaded, 64 bit
  • Modern encryption technology
  • JBoss middleware
  • Connected to LDAP/AD
  • Roles and rights
  • Web-based administration
iOS AppStore